What we do

A lighting brand based on solid engineering principles using only high quality materials and finishes that are Made in Britain.

Our products are engineered to have weight and substance, well constructed with thought for the installation process and long term maintainability and durability – something to keep and pass on not just mass produce and recycle.

We celebrate and recognise the engineers and craftsmen behind each individually made component.

A great deal of thought goes into the construction and subsequent ease of installation and maintenance.

There is no better advert for a company than that of the installation engineer wanting a particular product to be specified because of its no fuss, reliability, ease of installation, quality and solidity.

Each Joe Scog product is supplied with a unique serial number engraved onto the product – not only giving the reassurance of authenticity but also as a permanent record referenced in an accompanying log book indicating when it was manufactured and by whom. The log also acts a beautifully bound, signed record of purchase and manual for care instructions, certification and general maintenance.

All our products are supplied complete with the relevant lamps -using only branded suppliers and always a spare or two - just in case!

Where practical we also supply a spare glass shade and a parts list identifying all components which might need replacing or could get mislaid.

Our standard warranty is 2 years on all manufactured parts.

We offer a full refurbishment and repair / maintenance service should it be required after 2 years.

Our Story

The name Joe or sometimes SCOG was etched or painted on all of his engineering tools he used at work as a railway engineer or at home in the workshop / garage both in the UK and then when he retired to Italy.

As a kid and growing up I had spent many hours assisting dad with the latest repair, DIY or maintenance project – mechanical or electrical, building or restoration and without realising it would become for me the inspiration to study mechanical engineering at University.

Our approach was one of not being afraid to take on anything with techniques and processes being learnt by trial and error and experience. We even made window sills cast out of Terrazzo flooring mix back in the 70s (now Terrazzo is a trend in all sorts of products!).

If a tool to do a certain job didn’t exist then we would simply invent something or make it. No task was too daunting, nothing within reason was impossible with patience and perseverance.

So today Joe Scog is our inspiration.

We think outside the world of design for design sake.

We celebrate the engineers and craftsmen behind the products and engineer products to people’s requests and needs rather than just following trends.

We are not afraid to challenge the preconceptions and snobbery that sometimes exist in the world of "Design". Just solid and sound engineering principles and products people will want to install, own and keep for the long term.

Our Craftsman

Joe Scog George pendant light Joe Scog George pendant light Joe Scog George pendant light
DA Shortlisted Badge
Joe Scog Guinevere chandelier Joe Scog Guinevere chandelier Joe Scog Guinevere chandelier