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We believe our products are a manifestation of certain key ideals we strive to fulfil..


The time has come for the lighting industry to consider the effects of mass-production and material over-consumption. At Joe Scog we pride ourselves in such sustainably-minded actions as using biodegradable hemp-based packaging, designing with stock metal sizes in mind and components with multiple use and across different products to minimize wastage of good materials, and sourcing perfectly good and often tragically wasted scrap marble for some of our products.


At Joe Scog we celebrate the engineers and craftsmen behind each and every component, and guarantee that our products are made in Britain. Each product is engraved with a unique serial number and supplied with an engineer’s logbook/manual to enhance the purchasing experience and maintain a strong connection between the client and the brilliant British engineers behind their products.


Our products are engineered to be almost completely dismantlable, meaning they can always be easily maintained. Designed always with the thoughts of the engineer, craftsman, and electrician in mind, Joe Scog products are made as items to be kept and passed on.


Our products are made-to-order, and multiple high-quality wood, metal, glass and marble finishes are available for selection by the client. Tailored products, manufactured only when commissioned, we believe, are key to steering our industry away from harmful mass production.

The name Joe or sometimes Scog were etched onto the tools he used at work as a railway engineer for over 40 years.

Entrepeneurial, hard working and always up for a design challenge or project – mechanical or electrical.

Joe was my father and the inspiration today for my love of engineering, design and making things.

The hands on experience that enabled me to understand mechanics and learn how to use tools then subsequently go on to study mechanical engineering.

After over 15 years of custom lighting design and 20 years of representing and selling some of the finest Italian lighting and furniture brands Joe Scog is now that culmination of knowledge and experience with a desire to listen to and deliver a product that is born of a need or request and bears the hallmarks of good quality, design and sustainability.

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Joe Scog - The British lighting brand making necessity the mother of production

The British lighting brand making necessity the mother of production

IO is the latest addition to Joe Scog's pragmatic programme of products, a classical table lamp – crafted in part using marble off-cuts rescued from the rubbish – that embodies the London-based lighting label's philosophy of sustainability.

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